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Mianland Company

Any Bussiness in dubai must have a Bussiness (Trade) Licence issued by the Dubai Econmic Deperatment (DED),Dubai is the Government agency responsible for issue these licence for Dubai. The department operates from.........

Free Zone Company

The concept of a "Free Zone" or "Special Econmic Region " has been developed and promote bussiness in many countries. There are no taxes to speak of, on or offshore,but 100% foreign ownership and customs privillages make free zone.....

Offshore Compnay

Offshore company are entites that have been filed out side of one country of residence. Offshore Company incorportion is utilized, among other thing, by those interseted in asset protection and internationl business. We will assist you setting up an offshore company in U.A.E

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We can also provide all services related to Visa Including Investor Visa, Employment Visa, Visa Cancellation, Emirates Id , Labor Card and insurance.

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