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Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

Ajman Free Zone Company Formation

Like any other city in the United Arab Emirates, Ajman has a free trade zone as well to attract foreign investment and contribute to the betterment of its economy. The free trade zone in Ajman, called the Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA), is strategically located right at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf. The grounds of Ajman Free Zone was laid back in 1998 and holds separate identity, which was granted by the ruler of Ajman. AFZA was granted the Amiri decree no 3 of the year 1996 and since then, it has been assigned the only regulatory agency of the Emirate’s free zone.

The strategic positioning of the Ajman Free Zone benefits well to both the western and eastern markets in the business establishment. The port of Ajman hosts 1000 vessels annually and at the time being, the port is known to be an important center of maritime activities. The location of AFZA is half an hour outside of Dubai and 10 minutes away from Sharjah, which makes doing business in AFZA a better opportunity as the accessibility to two international airports and four ports is made even more effortless. Like any other free zone in any city of the UAE, Ajman Free Zone was established with the main objective of attracting foreign investment in the Emirate to set up trade and industry businesses, which in turn helps in boosting the economy. AFZA, compared to other free zones in the UAE, provide entrepreneurs with cost-effective benefits. The prices set in Ajman Free Zone are as good as the others combined with excellent infrastructure, which is benefited on the top with no service charges or hidden fees.

Benefits of Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone

  • 100% foreign ownership and complete repatriation of capital and profits for businesses
  • Access to major sea and airports of country due to its proximity to Dubai and Sharjah
  • 100% exemption from income tax, personal corporate tax and import & export duties
  • Provide robust infrastructure including strong connectivity through federal network of highways
  • Offers lease period up to 20 years and renewable to 20 more years
  • Fast track license processing for company formation
  • Smart offices for startups with state of the art communication facilities
  • Land for large industries at reasonable rates
  • Availability of uninterrupted energy and skilled workforce

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