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Health Supplements registrations In Dubai

Health Supplements registrations In Dubai

Dubai has allowed the manufacturing, selling, and international trading of a large number of products. It makes Dubai one of the most lucrative places for merchants and traders from around the globe. The government of Dubai is very strict regarding the quality of various products. It is also the case with health supplements registration. So, the registration process is concerned with checking the quality of a health supplement and blocking the entry of any fake or dangerous health supplement product.

Health Supplement Registration

The health supplement is a field that has gained a lot of traction in recent years which has led the authorities to keep a strict check and balance as it directly impacts health. The prerequisites have all been mentioned, which will be required irrespective of the product. Here’s the basic registration process for health supplement registration in Dubai:

  1. The first step is to register a trading company in Dubai. Once the company has been set up, you will be required to attain various trading license from authorities which will enable the company to legitimately trade in health supplements
  2. The registration process can begin by filling out an e-form, which is available on the website of Dubai Municipality
  3. Like with any other license, you will need to submit the required fee for the processing of the application
  4. This next step will require either the stakeholders or the designated representative of the company to submit a copy of the valid label assessment of the product that is to be registered for evaluation
  5. If there are no obligations imposed by the DM, the registration process will then be completed

After the 5 steps are completed, the stakeholders or the representative of the company will then receive the original copy of the registration certificate from the office of Dubai Municipality.

Health Supplements Regulations

For Health Supplement Registration in Dubai, here are some important things you will need to know beforehand.

  • The Government of Dubai has regulated the health supplements which are imported in the United Arab Emirates, which means that you cannot manufacture, import, export, sell or advertise the health supplements without having registration from the Dubai Municipality (DM)
  • Various ministries took charge after many fake sellers surfacing in the UAE market, which led to the state making an intervention against fraudulent companies and banning them from the business. So, it is important to note that you must conduct your business properly otherwise strict legal action can be taken
  • The UAE Companies Law state that, “it is mandatory to register health supplements by law before launching (selling) them in the U.A.E market. The service enables the customer to assess and register health supplements with Dubai Municipality

Health Supplements Requirements

Following are important requirements for the registration of health supplements in Dubai.

  • Health/foods supplements are those products that are taken by mouth to provide additional nutrition to the body apart from food. They include vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. They are also to be prepared and sold in the form of liquids, powder, tablets, capsules, etc
  • Pharmaceutical companies and other registered trading companies are allowed to prepare and trade these products
  • It is necessary to mention on their label that they are food supplements and not proper food
  • The initial step is to register the company in Dubai. Only after that, the process of registration of food/health supplement product will start
  • Any type of misleading information or contrary to scientifically proven claim will result in a ban of such product
  • Details about ingredients in the food supplement along with details of the trading company are necessary for the registration of any product
  • These health supplements must be free from all ingredients, flavors, and colors banned by the government of Dubai

Benefits of Health Supplement Registration

  • The population of Dubai is health-conscious and there is a big market for food supplements in Dubai
  • Traders can also manufacture and re-export their health supplements at low cost due to the tax-free environment and availability of cheap labor and affordable accommodation (residence, warehouses, etc.)
  • There are high standards for the registration of health/food supplements in Dubai. This makes it easier for registered companies to launch their products in other countries also without nuisance
  • Several free zones near coastal areas provide a favorable location for the import and re-export of products

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